When you slowly start hating someone you were friends with.


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riff raff has fucking made it and i don’t know how i feel about it

i have been a fan for years and i remember him as this small artist that so many people hated and now he is sitting next to katy perry at the vmas and everyone knows tip toe wing in my jawwdinz

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I want to shove my fist up yung leans ass and eat his shit


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You are like so adorable ok because number one you look super cuddly and two your music taste is on point so

aww thank u <3

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I want to hug you so bad like I just want you to hold me forever like in the movies but you would be like "ew wtf bye" if you found out who I am so

lol lmk who u are 

Anonymous asked:
Im not nobody oh. :(


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