i either love everything or hate everything and theres no in between

so the thing i hate most about acne is not the insecurities bought on by having bad skin it is the fact that whenever you start to feel good about yourself someone says something to bring you down.

i mean in the past three days i have went to work i have had at least one person mention it to me. i cannot avoid it wherever i go

and i mean i have tried literally everything and right now i am using a lot of expensive things and on top of that getting laser done on my face and i continue to have these people say things.

Do you ever get emotionally attached to your electronics?

Like when you get a new phone you’re happy you got a new phone but you remember all the memories you had with your old phone.


why are 13 year olds these days constantly drinking, smoking weed and having sex?? when i was 13 i had a stable job, a loving wife, 3 good kids, and some savings put away for my retirement. i worry about the younger generation sometimes smh

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My girlfriend sneezed and I accidentally said shut the fuck up instead of saying bless you

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i still think 2012 is last year

i preordered an iphone today

i sent it as a gift… to myself

it will also come with a note saying “merry xmas aaron luv from kendall jenner xoxo” 


im sorry. is my swag distracting you

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